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Timetable Management

Timetable Software

AGH/iX allows you to create and manage timetables for students, lecturers, classrooms and subjects in any  tuition centre.

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Automatic Timetable Generator

Automatic timetable generator

AGH/iX can generate automatically a timetable proposal for students, lecturers, classrooms and subjects in a tuition centre.

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Inquiring timetables online


AGH online allows the students and lecturers to find out about their timetables through the internet.

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Classrooms and Equipments


AGH/iX helps you to manage classroom allocation and related resources.

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Planify timetables for next academic year


AGH/iX allows you to plan and construct timetables on basis of your forecast for the coming academic year.

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Do you want to use AGH/iX through the internet?

on cloud timetables

If you lack resources or you don't want to have AGH/iX installed on your systems, you can use it through the Internet anytime and anywhere.


If you want to use the program on Cloud you can obtain a temporary license.

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If you prefer we can make the timetables for your college.

Timetables on demand

This services focuses on developing timetables using AGH/iX, according to your requirements.

You only have to provide us with the raw data and few guidelines concerning your needs. We will do the rest.

Using AGH/iX we will build timetables for you.

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Registration Management


ARA/iX is an application with embedded financial and academic management for the registration and admission of students.

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Academic Management


ARA/iX allows you to generate class lists, exams, qualifications, records and certificates.

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Financial Management


ARA/iX has different kinds of payment modes, cashier control, account receivable management and financial statistics.

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Teaching Satff Resources

Staff and Resources

This is an advisory service suitable for any tuition centre, college or university that needs to do strategic academic planning.

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Will it help in educational planning?


Yes, this service will help to develop educational planning because it allows you to define, simulate and analyze different scenarios for decision-making taking into account the resources and policies of faculty and departments.

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Can we improve the planning of university resources?


Yes, this service is helpful for strategic planning in schools and departments within a university.

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What teaching staff will be needed in the medium and long term?


It can help in determinig staff hiring policy and justiy its financing.

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How we can handle all this information in order to make strategic decissions?


Making strategic decisions requires a clear definition about goals and associated indicators.

Catalonia offers you a consultancy service that can recommend and construct the dashboards that you will require, using "Oracle Business Intelligence".

"Oracle Business Intelligence" lets you build dashboards that can integrate data from different sources.

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About Us

We have more than 15 years of experience in the educational sector in providing TI solutions and services for management in universities and higher education institutions.


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